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Bert Cook

Mr. Cook's Lab




Welcome to Mr. Cook's Lab!


Hello students and parents! My name is Mr. Cook. This is my fifth year at MHS and I am very excited to spend this school year with you. My teaching philosophy revolves around the development of well-rounded students, student-athletes, and individuals. While our main focus will be on developing an understanding of the universe and practicing the process of science, lots more will be learned in this class. It is my full commitment to prepare students for any college or career choice of their liking. Students will be taught HOW to learn rather than WHAT to learn.

I enjoy a positive outlook on life that leads me to experience many new challenges. In my spare time, I have interests in basketball, surfing, hiking, music, good food, and thinking games of strategy. Mind, body, and soul! I'd love to talk about any of these passions and am very interested to hear about your passions as well!

Please contact me if you have absolutely any questions. I am dedicated to helping students achieve success and will do anything in my power for this to happen.