February 2017 - Mayo News

February 2017 - Mayo in the News
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Teacher Cadet Barrier Day - February 1, 2017
On February 1, the Teacher Cadet program held it's Barrier Day, to help students understand how physical disabilities can impact learning.  The teacher cadets this year are MyKenna Blankenship, Sydney Dennis, Mary Alice Gainey, Delonte Hough, Corey Howle, Shakirah Jackson, Heaven Jett, Bradley Kempson, Camille Knockemus, Rebecca Knockemus, Hunter Langston, Angelique McDonald, Carolina McLellan, Cassidy Morris, Joshua Poole, Harley Schultz, and Katherine Taylor.  This group is lead by their fearless leader Mrs. Jennifer Blankenship!

Mrs. Wallace gets a visit from Dr. Knight!
On Wednesday, February 1, we had a special visitor on campus.  Dr. Rainey Knight (former superintendent), Mrs. Wallace, and Mrs. Bryant all talked about our various areas on graduation rate and progress along with the new state report card with the various components.  Mrs. Wallace had sent her some preliminary data using the current senior class and she stated that we were going to be fine.  

Elemental Brochures
Mr. Fletcher's freshman were assigned an element to research.  They were to determine various facts about the element like who discovered it, when it was discovered, uses of the element, the number of subatomic particles.  Mrs. Ross came down and gave a lesson on using media center resources.  The students spent two days in the library doing research.  For the final project, the students created a brochure of the element showing all the information found in their research.


Another Academic Challenge Win!
Kudos to Ms. Kelly Long and the Academic Challenge Team.  They defeated Marlboro County on Wednesday, February 1 with a win of 16-15!  Way to go Mayo! 

And yet....Another Academic Challenge Win!
Congratulations again to Ms. Kelly Long and the Academic Challenge Team!  They defeated Hartsville High School on Wednesday, February 8 with a win of 22-21!  Now on to the finals at West Florence High School from 8-12 on Saturday, March 4! 

More Art Projects!!
The students chose an artist of their choice to research, completed an essay, and created a reproduction of their favorite piece on a nontraditional style canvas. 


One-on-One ACT Workshop
On Friday, February 3 a total of 69 Juniors attended the SAT workshop given by 'Learning ACT' in the cafeteria. Kudos to the Junior class for doing such an excellent job with the One-on-One ACT Workshop.  It also helped to have given them the practice ACT before the workshop.  Which made everything in the workshop relevant to them.  They were like sponges, taking it all in.  Great behavior and very attentive.  Mayo Pride!

NAHS, Tri-M Music Honor Society, SHS, and NFHS Inductions
On the night of Tuesday, February 7 the National Art Honor Society, Tri-M, Spanish Honor Society, and the National French Honor Society held the induction of their new 78 members in the school cafeteria. 

20 New Inductees for the NAHS:  Caulder Brigman, Emily Bryan, Angel Gattison, Hashani Goff, Jordyn Gray, Zach James, Joshua Jefferson, Jalen Lide-Scarborough, Aytiana McCoy, Bailee Nelson, Bryson Sherrill, Ben Sivillo, Ericka Smith, Cierra Spires, Yorel Stevenson, Meridith Tallon, Abby Thomas, Emily Weatherford, Briana Wilson, Terilyn Odom.
17 New Inductees joined the Tri-M Honor Society: Landen Allen, Grace Berdeau, Jordan Bradshaw, Zy'Aria Gary, Dean Gerald, Delonte Hough, Jamsey James, Kayla Mack, Jessie McGee, Arkell Mingo, Madison Norton, Marcus Schroeder, Cierra Spires, Grant Tucker, Makayla Tyner, Rakeera Waiters, and Bria Wilson.
30 new inductees joined the Spanish Honor Society:  Trace Atkinson, Traci Boatwright, Jaret Bryant, Keenan Cottingham, Alyssa Cranford, Elana Davis, Laural Dennis, Zachary Freeman, Niesha Grant, Angel Hough, Delonte Hough, Corey Howle, Allison Hubbard, Allana Ingram, Nyasia James, Madison Jeffords, Heaven Jett, Marion Kirven, Lacey Lane, Tazhan'e Lunn, Madison Mack, Angelique McDonald, Cierra Parnell, Courtney Ponder, Isabelle Rowe, Alyssa Shelley, Logan Suggs, Kaylen Tomlin, Ashleigh Windham, Kirsten Wingfield.
Eleven new inductees joined the National French Honor Society:  Kayla Eldridge, Angel Gattison, Riley Gibson, Tianna Harrell, Camille Knockemus, Rebecca Knockemus, Madeline McElveen, Madison Moore, Deionveon Rivers, Emily Weatherford, Anna Young.

Parent Teacher Conference Night 
On Thursday night, February 9, Parent Teacher Conferences were held at Mayo.  Here we have Mrs. Ruth Taylor, Mrs. Gina Benjamin and Mr. Flowers visiting with parents.  We'd like to thank all parents of 120 students that showed up for quick conferences with their student's teachers.  Progress reports will be passed out at the end of this week for parents who didn't show up for the make-up week this week.  The remaining progress reports will go out to students on Friday, if no parent shows up this week.

BETA Club Convention!!!
 The morning of Friday, February 10, over 90 individuals were on the road again to attend the 2017 State Beta Club Convention at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.  The theme this year was "Beta, Above and Beyond".  Emily Cooper served as the State President this year.  Kudos to Mrs. Miles, Ms. Lunn, and our National Beta Club for a very successful State Beta Convention.  CONGRATULATIONS to our club for being recipients of NINE State Awards:  1st place -  Language Art, Meredith Tallon, 1st place - Drawing - Sarah Fender, 1st place Character Skit - Patrick Williamson, Judson Greene, NyAsia James, Taylor Boggs, Alexandria Moore, Taylor Lee, and Dajonia Jackson, 2nd place - Speech Division I - Kalyn Phillips, 2nd place - Quiz Bowl - Noah Nutter, Cooper Meyers, Ben Cannon, and Meredith Tallon, 2nd place - Show Choir, 3rd place - Poetry - Laurel Dennis, 3rd place - Special Talent - Corey Howle, and 3rd place -Social Studies Division I - Noah Nutter.  A special THANK YOU to Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Benjamin, Mr. Flowers, and Mr. Davis for assisting as excellent chaperones.  Mrs. Miles and Ms. Lunn served as coordinators and Ms. Lunn also served as a judge at the convention.
We exceeded last year's awards by one!  The most won in our school's history!  We had a blast! We were so proud of Emily Cooper for doing such a great job as State President.  A big shout out to all of the students who competed.  We're so proud of you, we have...PHOENIX PRIDE!

Mrs. Taylor's Chemistry I
Parent Labs
On Wednesday-Friday, February 15-17, in Mrs. Taylor's Chemistry I HP classes invited parents or other family members to come into the lab and participate in the actual experiment with them.  

The students were challenged to use engineering practices to design an airbag that would inflate to 5 kPa above atmospheric pressure as quickly as possible. They then wrote a laboratory experiment for their parents/guests to complete in the lab with them as they served as facilitators. They used digital pressure sensors to measure and graph the pressure. This data was then sent to their MacBooks to be included in their experiment Google document which was submitted through Schoology.


Graffitti Art in Mrs. O'Donnell's class
Upon visiting around in classes today I found Mrs. O's Art I students not only studying but creating on their own works of Graffiti and learning about the artists Keith Haring and Bansky and creating their own image in the style of graffitti on ceiling tiles to be displayed in the cafeteria.  Here's a few artists in action!


Kinematics Bridge Project
Mr. Cook's Physics Classes

The bridge project was the culmination of the study of kinematics and Newtonian Physics.  The students had a three weeklong project.  The first week was about research.  The results of the first week was a research paper on various kinds of bridges.  The second week was on engineering and design.  The results of this week were the complete schematic and design for their bridges.  The last week involved the construction of the bridges out of bassword and balsa wood.  The culmination of this week was the breaking of the bridges.  The whole process involved almost every aspect of kinematics.


The following are the results.  The pictures are from the 1st period winners.

1st Period – Isaac Rowe, Alyssa Shelley, Laurel Dennis, and Anna Yang (Their bridge held 576 times its own weight)

3rd Period – Josh Fountain, Cindy Martinez, Angel Hough, and Logan Suggs (Their bridge held 909 times its own weight)

4th Period – Cierra Parnell, Chase Johnson, and Deionveon Rivers (Their bridge held 357 times its own weight)

5th Period – Jeffrey Laffidy, Dajonia Jackson, Narcisse Toney, and Rutledge Hamrick (Their bridge held 1000 times its own weight)

Teacher Cadets Attend
Pee Dee Teacher Cadet Conference & Discussion 
On Wednesday, February 22 the Teacher Cadets went to Francis Marion University for the Pee Dee Teacher Cadet Day and discussion with the SC Teacher of the Year, Jennifer Wise.

Teacher Cadets Attend Conference
On Monday, February 27 the Teacher Cadets traveled to the University of South Carolina for the Teacher Cadet Conference and Discussion with Eva Schloss (Holocaust survivor and Anne Frank's stepsister) with breakout sessions covering propaganda, promoting cultural tolerance, using film in instruction, etc.  Over 22 middle and high schools were in attendance for the conference.

Region Five Honor Band
A shout out to Mr. Cole Davis and the Region Honor Band students, Arionna Rawls and Joshua Jefferson, for representing Mayo Saturday, February 25 in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Arionna  participated in the Senior Band and plays the clarinet.  Joshua participated in the Clinic Band and plays the trombone.

Math Team Brings Home a Win!
On Friday, February 24the Mayo Math team,under the leadership of Mrs. Sharon Cox, bought home a fourth place finish at the Florence-Darlington Tech Math Competition.

The mathematics skills used were Algebra, Geometry, and Probability and Statistics.  All questions are timed and they are all problem solving type questions.  All questions are in word problem format.  The Mayo team members that competed were  Laurel Dennis, Jake Wint, Josh Fountain, and Ashleigh Windham.